when in Rome

6:14 PM Thursday, January 03, 2008

... do as the Romans do, which is tour the blessedly wonderful city!

Sigh. It seems my in-laws are all going to Europe this year. Tsk.

See, Mama-in-law is trying to decide between a trip to Jerusalem (no, not the game) or Rome with her Churchmates this April. I told her to utilize her new computer skills as it's now easy to book everything online. For sure, she can easily find hotels in Rome that will fit their budget aside from tour packages (which hotels probably also offer).

She could stay at the Prime Hotel Principe Torlonia Rome which is supposedly located in the heart of Rome. It should make going to all the prayerful places they want to visit easier and the transportation costs cheaper (instead of coming from across the city) since they could probably walk to some of the places.

Travelling is cheaper when you go in groups so maybe we should consider joining them?


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