better late than never

2:39 PM Monday, January 21, 2008

My hubs was surprised (and somehow slightly offended) that I haven't seen certain old classics... so he took it upon himself to enforce a movie marathon and have me watch the following:

scent of a woman
I can't say that the movie will be a favorite but my gosh, was Pacino great!!! I cannot even begin to imagine how he did it. I've only seen one other Pacino movie (the one with Robin Williams, Pacino was a mental case). Sigh. He was really great in this movie. Oh and even Chris O'Donnel was great there (he shouldn't have made the Batman movie, methinks, to be typecasted as Robin forevermore).

shawshank redemption
Hubs loves the movie and I loved it too. And yes, I was too affected by it, I lost sleep that night. Classic indeed. Now I also don't get how I could not have been curous about it.

Oh and I just know I wouldn't last in a prison.

cutting edge
Moira Kelly was soooo cute. Ugh.

ok... This isn't that old a movie. And now I get why there was the gayspeak review that circulated in e-mails about it. Totally sights for sore eyes!!!


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