strapped for cash?

5:45 PM Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It used to be that when you run out of cash, you borrow from loan sharks or lenders. Or neighbors. And of course, relatives. Or dip in your savings (as in withdraw money from the bank, or literally break the piggy bank. Or sell your carabao. Or your land. And your house. And the pigs, chickens and goat.

And then banks and credit cards came to our rescue. Pawnshops too. So now we could pawn old coins, heirloom jewelries, land titles. We could also exchange gift certificates for cash.

Thanks to progress and the internet, our means to augment our purchasing power has been expanded. Now, there are sites offering cash advance and payday loans, sites that you can trust. TrustSource.Org is a mine of information, listing sites that are dependable, that offer the best terms, that provide a variety of options.

Some even offer confidential cash loans! It's really the perfect guide for those looking to augment their cash-on-hand for emergencies and must-buys (because they're on big discount!).


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