pondering Ireland

1:33 PM Sunday, January 27, 2008

The movie P. S. I love you was partly shot in Ireland, with Hilary Swank's character's love interests both hailing from this glorious country. It was even strongly suggested there that you can't resist the charms of the Irish.

Ireland was also recently mentioned as one of the cleanest and greenest countries to live in (or was it number one actually?). So it wouldn't really be a surprise if people nowadays are making it into a top travel destination, with Ireland hotels being up for the challenge.

Ireland also offers a lot of romanticism for those on honeymoon, as it has many castles (like the one where Brave Heart was shot, Trim Castle) for people in love to visit. Dublin Hotels, Cork hotels and Belfast hotels all offer the traveller, whether seasoned or not, all the warmth the Irish is known for and all the conveniences one might want while away from home. They'd even offer you free extras and last-minute deals sometimes.

And if you're lucky, their luck might just rub off on you.


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