he's not my father but...

6:42 PM Thursday, January 03, 2008

... i'd still like to ask, how do you deal with someone like him?

who sleeps with girls her daughters' age from girlie bars... and takes pictures of their trysts?

who maintains a girl or two from these bars?

who sleeps with several of these girls at a time?

who takes Viagra in order to get it on with these girls?

who meets with the wife of his daughter's husband's brother in secret?

and brings a different woman to his brother's house for the other family members to meet?

and tell this woman's father that he truly loves his daughter, it's just that he is married?

and keeps another woman in his company, gives this woman Board status without her having to work a day in her life?

and meet this woman in secret even in times when his son is in the hospital, and his wife has not been sleeping, attending to that child while also carrying another?

who suffers his children in these other women to be aborted, the last of which were twins (or so the woman says)?

and then washes his hands off the matter, insisting that the abortion was not his choice, therefore, not his sin?

and yet directing friends and brothers' mistresses so they could also get their child aborted?

and when everything was discovered, the greatest apology you get from him is to hear him say, "i'm sorry that this is happening"

without acknowledging responsibility for having caused the pain

for having divided the family

and then lording it over you, his child, that he has performed his obligations well by providing well for you

that he doesn't have children outside of the marriage and you should be thankful

and insisting that if ever he has betrayed anyone, it was only your mother that he betrayed and needed to ask forgiveness from

which he still hasn't done after over four months since the wife has left him

and then, when you, his son or daughter, isn't happy with his presence last Christmas... he gets angry

and calls his kids an ungrateful bunch

and accuses his wife of turning them against him

and then he proceeds ranting about each child's past transgressions... as if it proves how bad his child has turned out

and then... and then...

he lands himself into a hospital, suffering from a mild heart attack and complications of his diabetes

and no child, nor wife comes

and it's New Year's Eve

because they don't know how to deal with him

because they're hoping that, in their absence, their father would finally realize what he gave up for his womanizing

but really

how do you deal with a father like him?


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