are you farty?

9:50 PM Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm not a farty person. I was constipated most of my childhood though, but still, I wasn't farty.

But I did notice myself farting more when I gained weight and stopped being slim.

And when I got pregnant, I was actually scared that i'd end up farty... like some of my friends. Well, I wasn't during the first and second trimester but I was a burp machine. Come third trimester, air was escaping from all of my orifices.


Now that i've already given birth... i've been farting less. Maybe in a month or two, i'd be back to my usual number of farts (I don't know how many exactly, but just enough for me not to notice that am passing gas). Hopefully.

Maybe it helps that I don't like garlic? Never have, never will.

And why did I blog about this? Nothing really... just contemplated on it a little since my boy can laugh and fart at the same time, cry and fart at the same time, shriek and fart at the same time... anything and fart at the same time, really.


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