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10:00 PM Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Three cases in point:

1) If you subscribe to Readers Digest Asia, you probably have read about the wandering scribe, who found herself living in her car for months (or over a year). She was homeless and started blogging to reach out to people. And people came with comforting words... and her journey ended in interviews and finally, a book. She is not homeless anymore.

2) And then there's my former gimik bud Vicky, who was adopted and went looking for her parents. She even wrote Cosmo, I think. And she blogged about needing help. And visitors didn't disappoint, her blog ended up reuniting her with her biological mom. It even made the news.

3) And then there was my late nephew Pyro, and friends and strangers alike who took up his cause and blogged about getting him to meet Batista. They did. We did. He was made really happy a month before he died. Can anyone come up with something as priceless a gift?

So... this may be a shot in the dark but if there is some millionaire out there who doesn't care how he spends his millions, and wouldn't really feel or care if he gives some of it away to complete strangers... am just here! I am a SAHM who is generally blessed with a good life, but I seriously wouldn't mind being given some money. I may be a SAHM but that doesn't mean that I don't worry about earning (for my sake) and helping my husband financially (for our family's sake). And it would really be nice not to worry about money and have more time and energy just really enjoying my son's babyhood.

Or just have more disposable cash for massages... :)


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