the sweet life

5:25 PM Thursday, February 28, 2008

If you're looking for a waste of TV slot, watch 'The Sweet Life' hosted by Lucy Torres-Gomez and Wilma Doesn't.

Both can't host for sh!t. Both have problems reading from the prompter. Lucy's eyes also distract sometimes. And she's still as tuod as ever.

She is beautiful and classy, no question about that. I am also sure she really is smart and caring and a wonderful wife and mother. But again, she can't host for sh!t. She's boring, sad, totally not stimulating, I sometimes even don't get her humor. She usually reminds you of a babbling corpse. It's also evident how pampered and sheltered a life she lived.

Wilma is slightly better, at least she seems alive. But she also seems like a clown hired to make Lucy more luminous. I know that the network probably aimed for just this juxtaposition of black and white, bred and crass, married and not (unless Wilma is, I really don't know), princess and slave.

And I really don't get why they'd invite supposed authorities but just talk to that guest for one segment of the show. And I also don't know where they got the writers of the show, to come up with really pointless, boring questions.

I mean, there's nothing wrong with their topics... but always, the execution of each episode is sad. And a waste of TV time.

If am so disappointed by this no-good show, how come I seem to be watching it? I blame it on Destiny Cable which doesn't have Star World so we have to watch American Idol on QTV... and AI is always sandwiched between The Sweet Life and Moms (another equally bad show, but maybe it's GMA's way of making their stars feel important and busy).


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