contraception ban?

11:08 PM Monday, February 11, 2008

BBC has currently published an article online about poor families filing a legal challenge against contraception ban in the country.


I am Catholic and will never support abortion. True. But I am FOR contraception (which abortion is not).

And I will rather prevent children from being conceived than have them aborted illegally, or have them live unwanted and unloved.

Contraception, at least, signifies responsibility. So I really don't get why the Catholic faith is so fiercely against this when they know that people will have sex for leisure, and even pre- or outside marriage.

And I really don't get why the Catholic Church should be given a voice on this one when the politicians they protect commit more unforgivable crimes to the society.

But I also take issue with providing free condoms to sex workers. If anyone has seen LIONS FOR LAMBS, a character there made the same complaint about a call to provide free sterile needles to drug addicts. I mean, why are we going to spend money on people who are supposedly breaking the law? Prostitution is illegal here. And surely, if they insist on earning money that way, then they should be made to cough up the P30 or so it takes to get condoms (I actually don't have an idea how much the cheaper brands cost because I usually buy the P60/pack ones). Or, if a man is paying for sex, why not let him shoulder the condom cost?

And heck... even if condoms were free everywhere, we still have a long way to go in re-educating men and women here about its use. Most still buy the less-sensation thing, and believe it takes pleasure away from the act. They need to be told that condoms will not only provide a slightly bigger feel (Pinoy men are still Asian men, and thus are among the ones with the smallest schlongs, compared to other races, of course) and will also allow them to last a wee bit longer before orgasming. Surely, the fact that they can buy more time to pleasure their woman is incentive enough?

Or not.


You can usually ask motel attendants for some though, at no extra charge.

Anyway, i've ranted off tangent enough.

I really hope and pray that the government will one day be run by truly responsible leaders who care. And I really hope that the poor, no matter how limited their choices, will still claim their future as their own and make the right choices.

Can you imagine being physically abused for not spreading your legs because you're scared of getting pregnant? Surely the Church is doing these women a disservice by making them feel guilty for wanting to explore the options available to them?

(of course, contraception isn't the heart of the matter in cases wherein a man will beat up a woman for not having sex with him... they need to be jailed, or killed for even thinking they have a right to another's body just because, but the implication still is... we have much of re-learning and un-learning to do)


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