recession threat in the U.S.

8:11 PM Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The news have been recently expounding more and more on the threat of recession in the U.S. Even Ducky Paredes has explained in his blog that the peso strengthening (around P40 to a dollar now when it used to be P50) has more to do with the US economy having problems. The Philippine economy is not improving, which is why it would be wrong for the Filipinos to wonder why we're not feeling any improvement in the cost of goods and services.

Apart from budgeting our money more wisely, finding other means to earn and making our money generate more money, it would be good to know that there are other ways that we can generate cash when its needed.

Emergencies can't be planned and some great buys find us in between paychecks. Cash loans or payday loans is an option we can utilize, especially if we're eighteen years old and above and hold regular jobs. Applying for a cash advance is certainly more preferable than issuing bouncing checks or incurring penalties for late payments.

Approval of such loans is generally fast, usually within hours of submitting your online application. The amount is immediately transferred to your bank account in a secured way and you can already withdraw it the next day.

Of course, people should remember that this is an emergency and short-term solution to a cash problem. We still have to manage our cashflow well and learn how to make our money work for us.


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