dream honeymoon destination

11:48 AM Thursday, February 14, 2008

Growing up, have you daydreamed about your honeymoon destination?

I did. I've always vowed that i'd be honeymooning in Greece. Chalk it up to an obsession with Greek mythology and having romanticized Greek philosophers and where civilization supposedly began :)

Heck, I even daydreamed i'd get married on a ship there, at sunrise. That's how big Greece is to me.

Googling Greece led me to Paros Island, found in the Cyclades (a Greek island group composed of some 220 islands in the Aegean Sea) that is perfect for wind and kite surfing. Hotels list their amenities, how many meters exactly from the beach they are, etc for those who are looking for accommodations that will fit their vacation plans.

It would really be a dream come true if I ever find myself in Greece where all those great men lived before, where democracy was thought up.


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