motels on Valentines

4:38 PM Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I have never actually seen the lines of cars waiting their turn in motels on Valentines Day but i've heard they can be legendary.

The reason for this is that i've never thought of nookie on Valentines. And I really can't imagine why people would suddenly want to make love/have sex rather than go on a romantic date. Or is this like prom night, an ideal day to lose one's virginity... or sleep with your new beau for the first time?

From what I know, some even offer Valentine Promos (I guess you'd have to drive along Pasay or Pasig to check out their banners).

I chanced upon this motel guide which may be helpful for those with no idea of what to expect or how to go about checking-in. I would like to add though that even Sogo has theme rooms and suites, with jacuzzis and swings and round beds and mirror balls.

And when they used to serve it, their sinampalukang manok rocked!

And my friends kept telling me the chicharong bulaklak in the Flower Group are also delish!

And I actually preferred the food in Sogo, though simple, over food in Anito.

I'm wondering though if motels can really change sheets when they have sooo many clients waiting. And what's romantic if you'd only be making love in three short hours?

Anyway, I hope TV stations would be at the entrances of these motels to report on these... err... :)


And I have been pestering hubs for an overnight motel date... but since I can't leave our son behind, am not sure they'd let us in with a baby. People might say we'd better go for cheaper hotels instead but it's the illicit atmosphere of motels that I miss.


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