i'd sure like some more handbags

10:15 PM Thursday, February 07, 2008

At their Christmas party (last year), my husband was generous enough to ask whoever got him as 'baby' for the exchange gift to buy something for his wifey instead. So I got a lovely handbag.

I actually have a lot of handbags. That's one thing my husband and I have in common, we love bags! And we cannot let go of them. Many cabinets in our home are filled with these things eventhough we're not using them anymore.

Still, i'd sure like to have some more handbags. I especially need a classy one to go with my more formal outfits, preferably ones that aren't sequined or gemmed so as not to snag my gowns.

I know a SAHM doesn't usually go anywhere, and having a baby meant for a while that I also used the baby bag for my wallet and stuff. But i'm feeling unencumbered lately and see myself going on gimiks again... so I need to accessorize!

After all, all hot mommas do :)

(grabbed Valentino Blossom Rose Bag photo at Stylehive.com)


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