what do you spend on when sad?

12:59 PM Monday, February 11, 2008

Doc Emer just recently blogged about the Sadness-Spending Link.

I'm guessing we all know this is true... women especially would often shop to cheer themselves up. And they broadcast about how they need the cheering up.

I guess that's the difference between men and women. Women shop more often, be it a cheap hair accessory or a branded bag or new shoes or groceries. They (we) always come across as addicted to shopping and spending, maybe because we need the everyday outlet to make us feel good about things that aren't going our way. Heaven knows there are many.

(And in case anyone forgets, women have been tried and tested to be better pursers than men, so no matter our tendency to shop, we also budget money better.)

Men, however, bottle all their sadness away until they have a breakdown in the form of a new, really expensive gadget. Or a new car. Or a new membership. Something big that they feel add to their worth. At least, that's what I suspect.

Anyway, i'm a woman who doesn't really love to shop. I can go through the mall everyday for a week and not buy anything... and if ever I am itching to spend, it's usually food cravings and books that I spend on. Even if they're a little expensive. But clothes? Bags? Shoes? It would require a really special occasion where I want to look presentable to get me spending on these things.

Oh, but I sometimes splurge on panties!

But am not brand-conscious at all. And I don't shop because am sad... or at least, I seldom do. Except maybe for food (but I eat ice cream and cakes and chocolates even when am not sad so it doesn't really count).

And when in the mood for some pampering, I get massages too. But not because am sad either.

What about you, what do you spend on when sad?


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