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6:44 PM Thursday, February 14, 2008

So I skipped passing by the mall when I was going home because I just know i'd scream. I even skipped buying cake earlier because the lines were just long!

I enjoyed my Valentine meryenda (snack) with my former colleagues anyway. Caught up with the office gossip. They're all still trying to get me to return (I think the CSC has provisions for resignees who wanted to go back, something like I have six months to return, as long as my post is still open/vacant), even enticing me with greater moolah possibilities.

Don't worry, my friends, I shall pray for COLA :)

Meanwhile, I will content myself with meryenda visits there every two or three weeks. If I also want a nicer atmosphere for blogging, i'd occupy the conference room that's overlooking the Intramuros golf course. Maybe i'd even join ms. amazing boss in people watching, and be the first to report to the entire office if some lovey-dovey college students are smooching.


Have I greeted everyone a Happy Velentines? :)

* used miscellaneous kits for the hearts


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