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11:45 AM Saturday, February 02, 2008

An e-mail is making the rounds, sent out by an irate father over SM's poor customer service and questionable products sold. The item in question is Cadbury chocolates, and the poor father had the misfortune of purchasing some that had molds in it (September 2006 and January 2008). He was able to keep the receipt last January so he went to SM to complain, especially since he fed his three-year old daughter some of the chocolate. And the chocolate bought was not yet expired, per what's indicated on the label.

The e-mail kinda makes people laugh though, because the writer spelled Cadbury as CUDBURRY and peppered the e-mail with exclamations of "PLIP" (as in "plid diba? plip na, sinungaling pa!"). I'm almost positive he meant FLIP (our jargon for crazy or loony).

Anyway, since i've never encountered a Cadbury chocolate with molds yet, I wouldn't comment on that anymore. Plus, we usually buy the Dream one (white) and if it had molds, we would easily see it.

Reading through the e-mail though, I can't help but remember that i've actually been annoyed by SM and Robinson's lately... because i've unwittingly bought some products that are going to be expired within a month of the purchase. I've had to throw sandwich spreads because they were already expired within three weeks or a month from buying them (and of course, I like to stock up on some staples sometimes when I do my grocery).

Of course, i've learned to check expiry dates judiciously now... and not stock up anymore. But consider the spreads and such that my parents send from the US, with expiry dates that's actually a year or two away!

Is this a sign of just how bad our economy is, that big groceries like Rob or SM have to sell old stocks? Because I sincerely doubt that Cheezee would expire that easily!

Meanwhile, it's great we've already consumed 3/4 of these babies:


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