a sort of rant

3:51 PM Monday, February 18, 2008

Blogging is big now.

And blogging sometimes pays.

And usually, a blog's success is measured by the traffic it generates. By the number of visits to it. And if you're into paid blogging, by the number of sites that link to it.


I will admit I have jumped onto the pro-blogging world ever since I became a SAHM. But like what I keep saying, I do try to still own every post and personalize every post.

But that's not really what i'm writing about.

I am just slightly put off by people who visit my internet home and leave a comment like "Hi, nice blog, care to exchange links?"

Because i'm not very sure if they actually read anything here. And I can't help but feel that they're just rooting for more links to their site. And after adding them (because actually, I am generous with links even if I don't ask to be linked back), I also doubt that they ever return.

I am not on some righteous trip here... I just really think it's generally improper. I mean, if you were a blog worth returning to, surely it is up to the blog owner to link to you?

But of course, they can always argue that they do return to your blog... but they just lurk. And most probably they do, they just don't leave comments. The only footprints you can follow are what sitemeter or feedjit shows you.

But really, I would rather my blog is read.

And really, I hope to touch people with my thoughts, even if there are commercials sometimes here.

Would it make people ashamed a little if I tell them that I actually visit their blog and leave comments because I actually read posts... or if I can't relate to their crrent slew of thoughts, I at least leave a hello? Seriously!

That's why it takes me a lot of time to bloghop.

(and actually, the link beggars that turn me off a little hop onto my other site)


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