if you want to be worshipped...

8:49 PM Wednesday, February 06, 2008

... have a child.

Of course, I don't mean worship like religious worship.

But really, if you want to be the most beautiful woman ever in the world... have a child!

I have never been pretty. Heaven knows that even my own mother is first to call me ugly (weirdly enough, that never made me feel insecure). But I have been blessed with many, uhm, worshipful encounters.

Maybe because God didn't endow me with beauty, He decided to be generous with charm and luck instead. So I ended up commanding love and lust and having men's eyes light up when they see me walk into a room (or okay, undress, hehe).

And maybe because I married a guy who actually loves me, I have somehow ensured a life filled with loving looks.

But although such feeds my ego and spirit, they are nothing to the delight, the love, the need, the happiness that I see in my son's eyes.

And so, there is no greater validation of my worth.

I know women shouldn't measure their worth as a person by their capacity to give birth. I know just because a woman can doesn't mean she has to become a mother. I know that motherhood shouldn't be the only thing to define a woman's purpose.

But I also know that there is no higher privilege than being a parent... and as mirrored in my child's eyes, no greater joy than having Mommy around.


As luck would have it though, he is now the spitting image of me. Yikes!


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