featured site: Ashop Commerce

7:26 PM Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Online businesses (or e-commerce) are lucrative endeavors these days. A friend and her sisters are currently trying to save enough money to purchase a shopping cart software for their digiscrapping site. This way, they can directly sell their digiscrapping kits from their site. Currently, they are at the mercy of bigger sites with commissions and restrictions that they don't really like. Nobody likes red tape after all.

Other friends are selling bags, VCO products, lingerie, toys, etc. And a shopping cart like Ashop Commerce would facilitate the selling of their wares with minimal hassle. Ashop offers competitive packages with all the possible solutions one might require for an online business. They also offer live demos and live support tools in their site (and a ten-day free trial). Oh, and they also offer domain registration, web promotion and design services.

What more could you possibly want? Ashop can be the ultimate business partner and could be the only thing you need.


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