1:28 PM Friday, February 01, 2008

... that's what Simon said about this girl.

It's really sad to see American Idol wannabes unable to accept a 'NO' from the judges. It's sadder still when a wannabe is sooo full of it that he/she comes off as really pathetic.

And this girl is only 16. She doesn't look it (I don't know what Americans do with their kids but their teeners often look much older), I know. And true, she sounded better in American Juniors, maybe because back then, she was actually singing. Now, she's just projecting and riding on her previous fame.

And did you see how she sort of slapped her Mom's (am assuming) hands away when she was trying to comfort her? And how spoiled can she get, telling people not to watch AI?

Actually, what's really annoying and sad is that this girl isn't getting slapped. Hehe.

She IS pretty. And had she some real grace inside her, she'd have realized that Simon and Paula telling her to go to Hollywood to be an actress is actually a good career advice because she's already mastered projecting. But no, she has to be dumb.

Ok... ok... am being harsh on the girl, after all, she's only 16... she has a right to be temperamental and self-centered and insecure and irrational.



(her parents need some counseling)


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