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9:15 PM Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Digiscrapping has led me to get digital pictures printed. I am especially obssessed with printing and digiscrapping pictures now because of my son! Sometimes, i'd get professional photo developers to print the pictures for me, especially if am printing tons of them. See, I also have this bad habit (on my side, because it costs me) of making copies for my nieces and nephews, for my in-laws, for my parents... but seldom any for us.

Sometimes, i'd also print the pictures at home. After all, we have a wonderful Canon printer and photo paper isn't that expensive anymore. But ink... this is the expensive one. Good thing there are shops offering toner cartridges for less. Printing pictures at home require high-quality ink so your printer won't suffer and the pictures will turn out as good as the ones printed in photo centers.

It's not just pictures too. I also print cards because I now make them myself. My pregnancy announcement cards were all printed by me using my card stock collection and new ink cartridges bought by hubs.

My friends abroad get their inkjet cartridges from because delivery is sure to happen within 2-3 days from ordering and it offers guarantees against defect for one full year. They also offer a thirty-day no questions asked return policy which I really wish for the ink shops here to also offer.

I wonder too if there are already ink shops here which I can order from online and offers free shipping within the city. Hmmm...


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