when I got pregnant...

1:41 PM Monday, February 04, 2008

...one of the first things I did was look for ways to prevent stretch marks. I was positive i'd balloon into a hippo and gain so much weight , i'd be a walking blimp. So of course, I wanted to do everything I can to make sure I can still wear bikinis in the future. I really didn't want to waste the investments i've already made in two-piece bathing suits. Not that am averse to wearing tankinis and such, but still, I really don't like having to worry about my tummy and thighs.

Then I learned that it has much to do with genetics and skin elasticity and how fast one gains weight. Tsk.

So I started looking for a stretch mark cream that will not promise the impossible, but will promise to moisturize your skin so much, it wouldn't go dry and aggravate the stretch mark problem.

Some of the more popoularly recommended ones include cocoa body butter, virgin coconut oil and Revitol stretch mark cream. These promise lighter stretch marks when they do develop (mine cropped up in my eighth month) and also supposedly lightens them if you already have them.

Divas-blog.com is one of those sites that reviews stretch mark creams. They test products and has come up with the top four best buys, Revitol being the best among the truly tested.


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