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7:51 PM Friday, February 22, 2008

I received an offer to subscribe to Discovery Channel Magazine today. They got my details from my subscription to Readers Digest Asia.

I am very much tempted... mainly because I grew up loving encyclopedias and reading about scientists and inventions. I even used the word 'esophagus' for name-calling, much to my playmates' annoyance, and not because they knew what it was. And I was only in Grade 3 then.

The subscription is less than P1.5k and I can even argue that it would be very useful to entice my kid with so that he'll grow up intelligent, curious and aware. But who am I kidding? My son is only four months old.

Tsk. It's a very good magazine to subscribe in but it's still additional expense I can't justify. Sigh.


One trivia I learned from watching the Discovery Channel while I was pregnant... that the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo, though not the most destructive, managed to affect the global climate by making the Earth's surface cooler for two years. Just because of the amount of ash it emitted!

Err... should I take pride in this fact? Hehe.


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